What ruins the Removal and Transport Industry?

The removals and transport industry is big business, everyday there are hundreds if not thousands of people around the world that need their belongings moved from one place to another. Students, renters, home owners, business owners are just a few of the categories who will required the services of professional removalists if they find it too difficult to attempt on their own accord.

Unfortunately these days, it requires very little effort for someone who may not be skilled in the industry to buy a truck and start up a removal business. In reality that really is all it takes to start a removal business, and it is a real shame because there are a lot of small timers out there who are doing exactly that, not declaring the business, not having insurance and ruining the removals and transport industry for those selected few companies who are doing a great investing in insurance and complete essentials to run a legitimate business.

There are certainly risks involved when using an undeclared business, such risk include lack of timeliness and customer service to uncovered damage to your items and even the most extreme holding your items ransom until final cash payment is made.

In any industry there will always be another company who will have a lower competitive cost. It will suit some people but not all people, that’s the same in the removals industry, you will just have to weigh up the risks involved and service that you will be getting when you choose a particular company. If a company offers a premium price of $120 per hour for 2 men and a truck as opposed to a smaller company offering 2 men and a truck for $79 per hour.  It will be clear that the premium price will include extras like packing material, insurance and take their time providing a quality service. It’s not to say that the smaller company won’t offer the extras but highly unlikely and their job will be rushed as they need to turnover more jobs quickly to yield the same return.

At the end of the day, the saying goes “You get what you pay for” and this cannot be anymore true.