Interstate Removals – A list of Tasks for moving interstate.

If you’ve ever experienced moving houses locally, chances are you can identify with the endless list of tasks, headaches and stress levels that go along with this major event. There is no doubt that moving locally is indeed stressful enough as it is but moving interstate can be an entirely overwhelming and daunting experience altogether with yet again another extensive list of tasks you will need to sort out simultaneously which means higher stress levels and emotions to go along with it.

However, the key is to get organised which means at the very least getting yourself a moving diary and a list of jobs that you need to get done before the moving date. Having at least these two things will mean that you will be able to co-ordinate all these jobs simultaneously and tackle your stress levels keeping them at bay allowing you to have a successful interstate move.

So, to help you out with a starting point, here is a short list of tasks you will need to do and sort out when moving interstate and a few tips to go along with it which, will hopefully help you kick off your long list of things to do and make your move less stressful then it may seem so at first.

List of Tasks for moving Interstate

1. Get yourself a moving diary or calender and list the important dates

First identify important dates and deadlines to adhere to.

Such as:

  • Move into new property deadline
  • Vacate current property deadline
  • Finish work by(if applicable)
  • Starting work by(if applicable)
  • Kids finish school by(if applicable)
  • Kids start new school by(if applicable)

List any other important dates. This will give you a small indication on the timeframe you need to vacate your current address and into your new address.

2. Decide on moving date or moving dates if you need more than one and block those dates out on your diary or calendar.

Now is also the time to decide how you will co-ordinate the move too. There are a couple of options here, the first is to do it yourself which may work out financially cheaper but more of your time is required. If you have a utility vehicle, van, truck or even a trailer this will make do it yourself jobs much easier and a viable option to take. However, for many people who do not have access or own these types of vehicles and still would like to utilise this option then, you may want to try and rent one of these vehicles. Doing so also comes with a cost, and another thing to sort out as well as taking out insurance on the rental in case you have an accident during your rental period.

Then there is the second option which most people tend to use when moving interstate which is hiring a removals company to facilitate the move for you which is probably a more costly option financially but has many advantages like saving you time, which appeal to people who have limited time off work to complete the move and rather someone else do it. It is also a convenient solution with much of the worry and stress alleviated and left up to the moving company to take on. You will need to make a decision as soon as possible as many removal companies need to be booked well in advance for interstate moves.

3. Think about logistics to get the family and pets from your current state to the new state. Depending on whether you are moving to a nearby state or one that is far across the other side of the country, you may want to have the family drive in the family car or take a domestic flight. There are pros and cons of each.

Driving will mean you’ll be able to pack all of your necessities and important items with you and you’ll have a car already in the new state which means getting around will not be a problem. But, driving long distances could also be very tiring and unless you’re great with long distance drives then you’re probably best to settle for the domestic flight and organize another way for the vehicles you own to arrive.

4. Organise all the utility providers for your current address and work out which providers are transferable to your new address.

Some utility providers will only service particular states and if that is the case with any of your providers, the best option is to cancel and reconnect up with a new provider. So calculate when you need these services to end and start and request a final bill. If you can get this one sorted out early it will save you a lot of hassles down the line.

Especially when a bill turns up in your name that you are expected to pay only to find out you have vacated the property and haven’t been using the services or having no electricity even after you have moved in. So, make sure you allow for time for services to connect up a few days before you arrive.

Tip: Don’t just pick any energy or gas company that you already know about. Compare prices using online resources to get the best rates. There are websites like that will show you the cheapest rates and save you a fortune in the long run.

5. Ensure that your kids have a new school or childcare to attend on arrival in your new state.

Unless you are moving during school holidays, it is vital to make sure your kids education and childcare are taken care of before you start back at work in your new state. Since you’re unable to attend these schools in person while still living in your current state, you might want to do as much research as possible on potential schools and childcare you want to send your kids to that are around your new area.  Vacancies may be limited so get in early, then list it on the calendar.

6. Sorting through the years of junk that you’ve accumulated and work out what you will move into your new home and what will end up in the bin.

After you’ve worked out what will end up in the bin, it’s time to de-clutter, so why not setup a few garage sales, car boot sales or second hand market stall sales to get rid of all that you don’t need.  You’ll be surprised as to how much money you can make and how fast it will go.  The saying goes “a person’s trash is another person’s treasure” and that is so true.

7. Categorise your belongings.

For everything that you want moved, you will need to categorise them and put them together because surely you don’t want to end up with 20 boxes all with the label “miscellaneous”. This might be a short lived quick packing win but will definitely come back and haunt you with a long painstaking unpacking period.

8. Get some quotes and book them in if you intend to use an interstate removal company and local cleaning and gardening companies.

Spend a day getting interstate removalist quotes, cleaning quotes and gardening quotes now that you have worked out how much of your belongings need to be moved. Especially if you have decided to move any bulky items interstate, such as cars, pool tables, furniture, pianos just to name a few.  Some companies like can connect you with specific interstate removal companies and can quickly help you get quotes comparisons between interstate removal companies otherwise it may be wise to look into classifieds or the yellow pages directory. Once you have book them in be sure to update the calendar.

9. Get some packing boxes and labels, this if you opt for doing it yourself.

While you can certainly get any type of box to move your belongings just be sure that these boxes need to be strong and sturdy enough to hold whatever you will be placing in them. The last thing you want is to lift up the box and empty the contents of it straight back down on your feet causing breakages. You can actually get boxes from Bunnings. View their moving and packing products  section.

10. Start packing and filling up those boxes.

Be sure to be extra diligent when packing anything that could break or is valuable to you. So, use packing material like foam, newspapers or even bubble wrap if need be. Most importantly label the box fragile or important to identify care needs to be taken with these boxes. Then set the boxes aside.

11. Get moving.

If you have opted for using interstate removal and local cleaning or even gardening services, most of your logistics for the move will be done for you on the date you have booked it for and all you have to really do is to turn up and co-ordinate it with the company, be sure to raise the question of insurance cover of your contents and co-ordinate with them when the expected arrival would be. Make sure you run thorough an inventory of boxes with the interstate removal person in charge and get it signed off.

Then your only job would be to your family to the new address and start waiting for your contents to arrive so that you can begin the unpacking stage.

12. Start cleaning.

Now with most of the contents in your house moved, you’re left with what you started before you moved in, yes an empty house. With that said, many people don’t realize that getting your house cleaned is simply another task to check off on your moving job list. If you are renting and if you have any hope of getting your bond back or have sold and getting it ready for settlement date then, this is certainly a task that you won’t want to miss out on.

Again, you can either do it yourself or hire a cleaner. The real estate agents nowadays are quite stringent when it comes to handover so you want to make sure that everything is spotless. A handy tip would be to take pictures before you moved in so you can prove the condition it was in before you were handed the keys and again after you move out once it has been cleaned. If you have limited time, and don’t mind spending a little then leave it up to the cleaners to help out and don’t forget the gardens and lawns too. Come handover day, you will be passing with flying colours.

13. Unpacking .

This will be the easiest part and possibly a joy to do since you have a new environment to call home and provided that those boxes have been clearly labelled with which room it is meant to go to. Each box you open will having something sentimental in it and is looking for a new space to call home. So cherish this moment with those happy memories that come out from each box and reflect. So that you can begin settling in and making new memories yourself.

So there you have it, with this short list to get you started for you interstate move and tips, you will find that the confidence within yourself to embrace this new adventure that interstate moves can be done with minimal stress. While there are many more things to add to the list, it wasn’t meant to be a list to overwhelm you but rather one to provide you a start point. Good luck.